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On lonely nights when it starts to rain

Memories of love sessions ponder my brain

I think of the best sex I ever had

and how hard it rained that night

The thunderous chills I got from every kiss, nibble, and bite

I could hear the raindrops land

as if the skies were playing a melody

composed for me and my man

The harmoneous trinkle of the raindrops tickle my ear

like fingertips caressing my spine

I’m high

I feel my temperature rise, as I place my hand on my inner thigh

Imitating his gentle touch, I move my hand up

Granting myself permission to explore,

the gap between each leg grows as I whisper “more”

As the rain continues to fall,

my fingertips discover a puddle of love

With every flick of a finger or pinch in between

This puddle quickly grows from a puddle to a sea

While controlling the waves above, they dive ocean deep

Exploring the smooth terrain and admiring my coral reefs

The waves up above have been washed to shore

Deep down a hurricane moves forward

As the storm takes it’s path, I make way

Looking forward to the next rainy day

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