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    i’m in a special kinda moodfeeling like a rendezvouslet down my guard and do what you say to i love when u instruct me to get ‘nekid’then turn around so u can inspect itmy my….u touch me like u never left it and not shy about tasting my nectarlicking every crevice to properly wet heruntil she drips on your face like rainy weather my mouth waters as you rise to the occassionnow i got a craving for your flavorit’s only right that i return the favor you taste like my favorite treatyou, me, and us between the sheetswith me as the marinade to your meat and i’m bout to soak…

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    It’s been said that the ones you love most can hurt you the worst     Even Yahoshua was denied 3 times by a disciple who should have been in line  So I must ask myself, who am I???  Greater than the divine???     With great humbleness I speak from inside  That I’m no more than a woman with a spine  Willing to stand up for what is to be mine     The greatest of love and admiration  Is all I’ll accept with no hesitation  Hopefully, it’ll be a natural inclination  For you to embrace my demand for adaptation  As husband and wife building for the nation  Because without unity, there is…

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    There’s a natural mystic blowing thru the air If you listen carefully now you will hear There’s a natural spirit of wickedness in the air Be careful not to let it take you there Sweeping away your righteousness for envy’s sake Be careful not to taste the judge’s cake For that’s not your place Don’t lose sight of who creates What Yah has brought together, let no man put asunder For to you, it may be a great wonder But be leery of the spell you’re under It is not us who will fall, but you will crumble

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    The weight of the crown is heavy, so the Queen can not run. You must always protect the Queen. In life, entertainment is only displaying how to win in the world. The royal court of Wakanda is a display of a greater kingdom that can not be seen with carnal eyes. The principles remain the same but in the kingdom of God there is a standard of substance. In the world, the queen fights to protect the image of the crown. Notice that her head was exposed when she went to bow down to the outsider after she rejected the opportunity to accept her nephew who affectionately addressed her in…

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    A Renewed Mind

    Accepting that I gave myself permission to do something terrible is what causes me to resist change. It’s easier to continue justifying bad behavior than it is to change that behavior because it means admitting that what I’m doing is indeed terrible. My ability to normalize dysfunction is challenged by taking responsibility for my choices. It’s a skill I need to abandon because it is extremely damaging. The challenge now is to remove all distractions and reminders of who I used to be, someone who normalizes dysfunction and walk in the light of who I am now, someone who takes responsibility for my choices. It’s not easy to face my…

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    Gentle Sweet Love

    this gentle sweet love is a gift he almost turned me into a b!tch can you believe that i almost fell for the trap almost let bitterness steal my zen almost let my vocabulary slip this gentle sweet love is a gift wrapped tightly between my lips is something so rare words that bring light to the world a heart full of forgiveness still a mind full of dreams real love refills daily sealed with faith this gentle sweet love is a gift from God to me to truth this gentle sweet love bears fruit never again will i be blue this gentle sweet love passes through eternity

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    The Emancipation of the White Race

    Once upon a time, white people were free. They didn’t have to oppress black people. Black people submitted to slavery for centuries. When Abraham Lincoln set them free, white people became slaves to their ancestors racism and bigotry. Then, in 2020, the world began to see clearly that freedom is the liberty to love. It may seem upside down, but this Juneteenth I want to celebrate the freedom that I see in white people all around the world who are publicly unashamed in acknowledging that Black Lives Matter in the fight for freedom. When the world gets to a place where All Lives Matter, we will rejoice together. We will…

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    Be Good

    The beginning and end of anything is the word. In Genesis, after God spoke things into existence, He saw that it was good and what was good in His eyes was all that He acknowledged. Hear no evil. Speak no evil. See no evil. How do we then know what good or evil is? Since God is all good and God became the word and the word became God, I’m going to guess good is based on the quality of your words, not necessarily the quantity. A pure intention, a word spoken from the heart is something you are souled out on. A holy(whole) word carries 100% weight and is…

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    Level Up In Love

    1 Corinthians 13:2   And if I have the gift of prophecy, and know all mysteries and all knowledge; and if I have all faith, so as to remove mountains, but have not love, I am nothing. In life, we often strive to achieve greatness. In all things we seek to become great at, the greatest of them all should be the way we love each other but it seems to me that love has become the one thing that we give ourselves permission to lack when things aren’t working out in our favor. If we want to achieve greater in our careers, the first thing we seek to do is to add…