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Meditation can be overwhelming. The most common thing I hear from people who have trouble eliminating distractions is that they can’t clear their thoughts. When I meditate, I close my eyes and clear each thought one by one. I visualize calling myself in from all the people and places that have me distracted. For example, if I can’t stop thinking about chatting with my mom, I visualize leaving her house or hanging up the phone and walking to the spot I’m sitting in until I’m there with myself. I do this until I feel completely present in the moment. I release the need to feed energy to the distractions in my mind and allow myself to experience stillness. For me, meditation is not about quieting my mind as much as being able to see my world completely from the inside out. It’s about being able to see where I am in life and how I can manifest the life that I desire. I go back to the things and places that distract me one by one, with intention, knowing how I see myself from a more balanced perspective. Meditation is a great way to take your hands off of everything and tap into the power within you to choose wisely. If you focus on you and the changes you can make to create or maintain peace for yourself, the rest will fall into place. There are some paths you may choose to never walk again. The paths you choose to revisit or journey to should be a reflection of the way you see yourself, not the way others see you. The more you do this, the more confident you will become in your own thoughts and habits when around others. You’ll learn to eliminate distractions and make decisions on the spot. You’ll be able to keep it moving, at least until you get a chance to sit with yourself again. This is how you move into a life of purpose. It takes strength, courage, and wisdom. They are all created and found in you. What you think, you become…

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