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Independence Day

This poem is about America as well as the America in us that values life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness yet struggles to live up to the standard of true freedom in righteousness and truth. Whether your station in life is in America or abroad, the way to freedom is Love… Selah


She rocked her hips

Dipped in her ships

Across oceans and borders

Sent her explorers to hoard us

On ships beyond The doors

of no return

America was Bad!

She was a fad

Something to be had

She sold Freedom

but She needed them

Blessed by the Creator

Sold Gods Creation

of emancipation

The birth of a plantation

Condemnation of a nation

America was Fat!

She’s a brick house

She’s mighty mighty

Just letting it all hang out

She had no shame

She played the game

Shackles and chains

Money and fame

Freedom was her claim

If she could

She’d do it again

Robbed the earth of soul

America’s gold

What a sight to behold!

America was a breeder

Labor was the only way

to freedom

but She needed them

She was Bad!

For her own health

Wealth is her belt

An ass whipping

Is the price on the shelf

America loves money

Like a queen bee loves honey

Her colony was buzzing

Hot to trot cousins

Looking for loving

Say it ain’t fun

If the homie can’t have none

America was the land of the Free!


Speeches and religions

Founded in superstition

Freedom and unity

With a few pieces missing

blood on the leaves of trees

America asked and she received!


to birth a nation that believes

This is the land of the free

The gateway to God

Is through me

America got down on one knee

And proposed holy matrimony

Promised to keep God before me

America doesn’t play by the rules!

So, freedom is a choice to move


America and her abuse

Played you like a flute

Made you call a truce

America mind fucked you!

Gave you the blues

Set you free

And said you choose

Liberation or Integration

With no papers

America can be so cruel!

No 40 acres and a mule

America took you for a fool

Taking more than her due

America, how your ways have deceived you

A house divided

Master mind

No spirit behind it

Seek and you shall find it

She can still attract

Anyone living in lack

And lure them with stacks

of new ports and resorts

Milking the source

For fame

America was a no name bastard

Anyone could have her

If they pass port

America boasts

I’s Free!

These niggers work for me

Emancipation only expands

the plantation

Industrial prison systems


Freedom keeps escaping them

Sold their souls paper thin

Liberation chasing

Breaking the foundation

of this wicked nation

Destroy the law

Tear down the courts


We want a divorce

Taking back my soul

It’s Independence Day

I Come to slay

and I Let Love lead the way

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