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Finding P.E.A.C.E.

Self-healing is about trusting yourself to have the answers. Have you ever been to a doctor for healing? Do you trust what they know? Why not trust yourself when you know what you know? No one will ever know you better than you know yourself. Don’t believe the hype. If you want to become unshakable and find peace around all corners, you have to trust that you can do it. You can command peace instantly once you learn this simple formula. It’s an acronym, so how could you ever forget? 

Nothing in life is free, not even peace. So, if you want it, you’re going to have to pay attention. Your dream life is more important than your dream house. Give it priority and the home of your dreams will follow. Research your past. Try to remember the best and the worst moments of your life. Make a list of the results you’ve gained from what you paid attention to. Label them peace or chaos.
Examine the evidence of the principles you hold on to. Resist the urge to measure your success by material gain. That approach can be decieving. We all know by now that money buys comfort, not happiness or peace. Measure your success by asking yourself which circumstances produced the most peace. Do you feel better when you confront problems head on? Do you find peace in resolving matters within yourself without much outside influence? Does a long walk help you to relieve stress? What principles led you to make decisions that left your soul satisfied? Write them down. Do not hold on to the things that didn’t work. This is about remembering what does work for you.
Now that you’ve identified what principles bring you the most peace, you can begin to build your toolbox for tackling trouble. Make the commitment to honor what you already know about yourself by using the tools you just identified. Make the commitment to honor what you deserve by adjusting your behavior.
Carry your list around for a while to remind you of what you’ve already accomplished and as a reminder of what to do the next time you lose your peace.
Check yourself! When your life is truly at peace, you are at peace around anyone. There’s no exception to your commitment. You challenge yourself to reach deep inside and expect better of yourself. You want to use your big girl and big boy words. This daily sense of accomplishment is greater than all the others. You subconsciously look forward to the next opportunity to shake it off. You’re like the athlete who can’t pass a basketball court without taking at least one shot. Go ahead, take a shot at peace. You are the author and the judge of your state of mind.
When you’re at peace inside, your outer world shines a little brighter.

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