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Favor for Patience

I love the Word of God so much. It’s true and never fails. Today, I was picking up Noah at the airport and was going through security when a TSA agent appeared out of nowhere and opened the ropes then said “I need 4 people this way. Only 4.” I was number four! I’ve been seeing this number everywhere lately and it’s reassurance of God’s protection as I adjust to changes happening in my life. Ok, back to my story. I don’t know how many people we went ahead of but I do know that God goes first and He knew that I needed the extra time for the challenge I was about to face. I get to the gate the ticket agent directed me to and I’m told that his plane is landing on a different concourse. As I’m walking from concourse A to concourse B frustration starts to set in but that quiet still voice inside of me reminds me of this scripture I’m posting. I realized at that moment that while I enjoyed my favor in the security line it was attached to a purpose. I was going to have to pay it back with patience and use the fruit of the spirit planted in my heart. This journey included an additional dead end but I made it to the gate where Noah was shortly after he arrived. Having Joy in your heart is not about living a life without obstacles. It’s about being able to face those obstacles with grace and love. I’m grateful for safe travels and the smile that was on my son’s face as he told me about the wonderful time he had in Kansas City with his family. God is Good, All the Time!

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