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    Imagine Imagine having an aneurysm and a stroke Imagine that leading to a divorce Imagine being in the hospital for a month Imagine them constantly waking you up Imagine being poked to the point of pain so they know your hand is not dead Imagine being a woman of child bearing age having your cycle and you can’t get out of bed Imagine being humiliated and grateful for the aid Imagine going from achieving independence to having to go back into the system Imagine not being able to pay your bills Imagine gaslighting in the midst of this ordeal Imagine being called crazy while you’re trying to heal Imagine being…

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    My Eyes

    she wants my eyes they see thru your lies connect to your insides she wants my insight if just for one night to know you the way i do she wants the truth she wants proof that when you see me you don’t see you she wants proof that when i see you i don’t see me she wants to be the silhouette in your eye connected to that smile she wants my eyes to see you for the first time

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    What you do to me No words can explain Your presence in my life Has caused me to go sane The pain of the past has been surpassed by love For nothing can overcome what’s been ordered above And what we share is rare indeed Not only are you all I want but also all I need As we proceed together on this path may we remember one thing Our love will reign supreme when we keep our heart set on our King!

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    Your love supplies The fuel to my fire The match to my desires The connection to The live wire Yah purifies us Thru discipline And obedience When our attention Is given To the right wind Faith comes thru hearing You have my ear My eyes are set in wonder Never wandering Following Empowering Higher things By any means Necessary

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    Wisdom’s curse is the vision to see things first forced patience like waiting to give birth there will be work there will be joy there is love perfected above connecting us with a trust that we must discuss everyday it’s like we’re in a play blindfolded with one line pray disciplined to remember words said in December that resonate into eternity chasing you and me like hey guys, you got it right but we took flight only to meet in the sky

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    Not forsaking the lessons this time we put matter and mind in sync we don’t blink at the chance to dance with life too seasoned to simmer in strife too wise to pick what’s not ripe you can believe the hype for you I just might change all the rules of life make all my wrongs right ship tight and anchored down I remember the time do you remember the time when we were in love forgetting is like fallen stars love’s rewards lost in the dark but it we spark truth with proof that love doesn’t lose the sky lights up sunshine and blues

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    When i say forever, that’s what i mean i know i cant change some thingsbut my heart still wears ur ringno not the one you asked me to view onlineor the one you work inside touching my spineor even the one i envisioned in my mindthe one you placed on a valve and secured your spottook my heart and tied it in a knotso i find myself on my knees alottrying to catch my breathtrying to catch my selfsee this is something i’ve rarely feltso it takes a bit of adjustmentto let flow what’s heaven sentand discard what wasn’t meantcould not predict the unforeseenbut u own a vein up my…